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Archive Treasures - THE VICTORS


Archive Treasures showcases works from the UCLA Film & Television Archive’s extensive holdings, one of the largest moving image collections in the world. Included in the series will be deserving and rarely screened gems presented in original and restored prints.

Sunday, September 13th 2009, 7:00PM*

THE VICTORS (1963) Directed by Carl Foreman
An explosive title sequence designed by Saul Bass sets the unsettling tone for writer-director Carl Foreman’s groundbreaking WWII epic. Following an army platoon from the invasion of Italy to after the fall of Berlin, Foreman up ends the genre by emphasizing the moments of exhaustion and nervous tension that come between combat missions. Packed with stark imagery, jarring juxtapositions and gripping performances by an all star cast, The Victors was the only film directed by Foreman who was blacklisted by Hollywood in 1951. This screening features the original roadshow version of the film which was pulled from theaters after its initial release and cut by nearly 20 minutes for subsequent runs. 35mm, B/W, 175 min.

* Please note the early start time.