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ArcLight Presents… WHITE CHRISTMAS


Monday, December 7th @ 8:00 PM Arclight Hollywood
Tuesday, December 15th @ 7:30 PM Arclight Sherman Oaks

ArcLight Presents... WHITE CHRISTMAS

Bob Wallace and Phil Davis are army buddies from World War II who have become a very successful song and dance team. They meet up with Betty and Judy Haynes, the sisters of another of their army buddies at a nightclub in Florida. Phil sees that Bob is attracted to Betty, so he talks Bob into following the girls to their next show; an inn in Vermont. When they get to the inn, it is practically empty because there is no snow. As they start to leave, the men learn that the innkeeper is their beloved former commanding general from World War II. They decide to stay to try to drum up some business for the old man. They bring their whole show up to the inn which helps, but is not quite enough. Betty mistakenly thinks that Bob and Phil are taking advantage of the general's misfortune to get free publicity, so she gets angry at him. Judy and Phil think that Betty is upset because she is afraid to fall in love with Bob because she has to look after Judy, so Judy and Phil pretend to get engaged. Betty leaves for New York to get away from Bob. When the general's request to rejoin the army is denied, Bob goes on national TV to get the men from his World War II division to surprise the general on Christmas Eve. Betty sees the show, and realizes Bob really is a good guy so she returns to Vermont to participate in the big show. One of the all time best feel good Christmas movies with some truly amazing song and dance numbers.

Director: Michael Curtiz
Cast: Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye