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Art Directors Society Tribute to Albert Brenner


Sunday, July 27 – 5:30 PM

Art Directors Society Tribute to Albert Brenner:

Join us for this tribute to art director Albert Brenner, nominated for five Oscars (including THE TURNING POINT, CALIFORNIA SUITE and 2010) and winner of the 2003 Art Directors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award. He got his start in the burgeoning 1950s television industry, working on series like "The Phil Silvers Show". He has an outstanding list of credits from groundbreaking films like Shirley Clarke’s THE CONNECTION and Sydney Lumet’s THE PAWNBROKER, to the original FAIL-SAFE, POINT BLANK, BULLITT, SUMMER of ’42, THE OTHER, SCARECROW, THE MISSOURI BREAKS, PRETTY WOMAN, BACKDRAFT and, most recently, GEORGIA RULE.

Double Feature:

BULLITT, 1968, Warner Bros., 113 min. Dir. Peter Yates.
An unbelievably tense, pared-to-the-bone thriller, BULLITT helped to pave the way for not only cinema verité-style policiers like THE FRENCH CONNECTION, but every cinematic car chase since then. Steve McQueen is über-cool Detective Frank Bullitt of the San Francisco P.D., a lone-wolf homicide cop who goes up against mob hit men as well as ambitious bureaucrat Robert Vaughn, when he fights to safeguard a witness. With Jacqueline Bisset, Simon Oakland, Don Gordon.

POINT BLANK, 1967, Warner Bros., 92 min.
Director John Boorman’s second feature film really put him on the New Hollywood map and changed the look of action movies for years to come. This hardboiled neo-noir (adapted from The Hunter, the first of a series of novels by Richard Stark) retains the gritty frissons of the best pulp thrillers but is also a brain-twisting deconstruction of narrative. Brilliant from beginning to end, with Lee Marvin as a master thief seemingly back from the dead, out to get payback on the best friend who betrayed him (John Vernon) as well as the shadowy mob money men behind the scenes. With Angie Dickinson, Carroll O’Connor, Keenan Wynn.