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Art Directors Society Tribute to Robert Boyle-THE WOLF MAN / GAILY, GAILY


Sunday, March 29 – 5:30 PM

Art Directors Society Tribute to Robert Boyle

Double Feature:

THE WOLF MAN, 1941, Universal, 70 min. Dir. George Waggoner. "Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright." Although Universal had already released a bang-up werewolf movie (WEREWOLF OF LONDON) in the early 1930s, this is the one that is best remembered. It also represents the last release from Universal of an A horror picture for many years to come (horror became almost exclusively B level post-1940) and proudly reigns, along with FRANKENSTEIN, DRACULA and THE MUMMY, as part of Universal’s classic horror quartet. Graced by the high-caliber performances of Lon Chaney as tragically cursed Larry Talbot and Claude Rains as his father, one of the prime reasons the film looks so good – i.e., an A picture – is the superbly atmospheric art direction and production design by Jack Otterson and associate Robert Boyle. The remake -- with Benicio Del Toro as Larry Talbot! -- will be released this coming November.

GAILY, GAILY, 1969, MGM Repertory, 107 min. Beau Bridges stands in for famed screenwriter Ben Hecht in Norman Jewison’s whimsical adaptation of Hecht’s memoirs of his youth working on a newspaper in early 20th century Chicago. Melina Mercouri (NEVER ON SUNDAY, TOPKAPI) is the brothel madam who feels protective toward the innocent Bridges, and Brian Keith is Bridges’ alcoholic newspaper editor mentor. With Hume Cronyn, George Kennedy and the debut of a young Margot Kidder. Robert Boyle was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Art Direction. NOT ON DVD

Discussion in between films with art director Robert Boyle.



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