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Art of Light: A Celebration of Cinematographers



For the fourth year in a row, the Archive joins with The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) in a celebration of the art of cinematography. In conjunction with the 22nd Annual ASC Awards, we will feature the 2008 ASC honorees Stephen H. Burum, ASC (Lifetime Achievement Award) and Walter Lassally, ASC (International Achievement Award). Both acclaimed cinematographers have notably collaborated with some of the most eminent directors of our time: Burum with Coppola and De Palma; Lassally with Tony Richardson and James Ivory. This year's recipient of the ASC President Awards, visual effects supervisor Richard Edlund, ASC, will also be honored with an in-person tribute co-hosted by the Archive, The ASC and the Visual Effects Society (VES).

Saturday January 19 2008, 7:30PM

Presented in 70mm!
CASUALTIES OF WAR (1989, United States)
Directed by Brian De Palma

Based on real events, director Brian De Palma's harrowing Vietnam War epic explores the dehumanizing effect of violence when four American soldiers rape and murder a Vietnamese woman while on patrol. Cinematographer Stephen H. Burum's powerfully understated camera counterpoints the film's ferocious emotions and underscores the fragility of innocence as its light slowly dies out. Preceded by the opening sequence of SNAKE EYES (1998, d. Brian De Palma)

In person: Stephen H. Burum, ASC
Screenplay: David Rabe. Cinematographer: Stephen H. Burum. Editor: Bill Pankow. Cast: Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn, John C. Reilly. 70mm, 113 min.

Sunday January 27 2008, 7:00PM*

A TASTE OF HONEY (1961, United Kingdom)
Directed by Tony Richardson

In this landmark film of the British New Wave, gawky, working-class Jo (the luminous Rita Tushingham) breaks taboos left and right. She defies her vulgar lush of a mother, falls in love with a black sailor and then sets up housekeeping with a shy homosexual decorator. Shot entirely on location, the sooty bedsits and back alleys of Salford are powerfully captured in Walter Lassally's gritty and ravishing photography. Never afraid to break rules, Lassally also threw out established cinematic convention by using three different film stocks to express the different tonal registers of Shelagh Delaney's delicately-wrought story. Delaney wrote the original play when she was only 19, and for many years, both play and film would remain a touchstone for British youth culture. In fact, the singer Morrissey has used lines from A TASTE OF HONEY in his song lyrics and featured Delaney's photo on an album cover. Years later, Lassally commented: "A Taste of Honey is usually thrown into the 'kitchen sink' school of realism but it isn't really. It's realism, but it's poetic realism. I think it's the most poetic of all those movies."

In person: Walter Lassally, ASC
Based on the play by Shelagh Delaney. Producer: Tony Richardson. Screenwriter: Shelagh Delaney, Tony Richardson. Cinematographer: Walter Lassally. Editor: Antony Gibbs. Cast: Rita Tushingham, Dora Bryan, Robert Stephens, Murray Melvin. 35mm, 100 min.

* Please note the early start time.

Wednesday February 6 2008, 7:30PM

The Archive, The ASC and VES present

Academy Award-winning visual effects supervisor Richard Edlund has been a driving, innovative force in the visual effects industry his entire career. A key member of the team that launched Industrial Light and Magic, Edlund has contributed his unique talents to some of contemporary Hollywood's most iconic films, including STAR WARS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and GHOST BUSTERS. Most recently, Edlund was visual effects supervisor on director Mike Nichol's CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR. Tonight's tribute will feature a conversation with Edlund, illustrated with ample clips from his groundbreaking career.

In person: Richard Edlund



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