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Cine Insomnia Summer 2013


Cine Insomnia Summer 2013


5/24: SUPER MARIO BROS. - 35mm! 20th anniversary showing! Screenwriter Parker Bennett and production designer David L. Snyder in person!

5/31: SAMURAI COP - New HD Restoration! Actor Gerald Okamura, cinematographer Peter Palian and (son of director) Ben Shervan in person!

6/7: SPACE JAM - New digital version!

6/14: SPICE WORLD - 35mm!

6/21: WILLOW – New digital version!

6/28: ALIENS – New digital version!

7/5: JAWS - 35mm!

7/11 - 7/12: V/H/S/2 – Theatrical premiere! Guest appearances tba. Please note: there will be two showings – on Thursday July 11 at 10pm, and Friday July 12 at midnight!

7/19: A CLOCKWORK ORANGE – New digital version!



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