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(OC) The 7th Annual SoCal Film Festival


September 28th - October 2nd

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The SoCal Film Festival

Celebrating the art and culture of filmmaking and screenwriting for seven years.

Our 7th Annual Signature Event will be held Sept. 28. - Oct. 2, 2011.

We expect to screen more than 100 movies and celebrate dozens of screenwriters with movie screenings, script readings, Q&As, guest appearances and workshops.

New editions to 2011 will see a "Youth Movement" student screening series, as well as the introduction of a "Micro-Shorts (under 5 minutes) and "Music Video" categories. And, as always, the festival remains open form and open genre, accepting films and screenplays of all genres, styles and lengths.

Visit our MEDIA page for past highlights including interviews with Trent Opalach (District 9 Cinematographer), J.F. Lawton (Pretty Woman & Under Siege Screenwriter), Andy Dick (Actor/Comedian), Michael Welch (Twilight), Adam Lamberg (Lizzy Maguire), as well as many others.

The festival is held annually in Huntington Beach, a City visited by more than 11 million people every year.

In a city known for its long stretches of beach, and for hosting the largest professional surfing event in the world, the SoCal Film Festival celebrates the art and culture of film.

For more information, visit the official site.



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