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South East European Film Festival*


May 3rd - 7th

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South East European Film Festival

SEE Fest, the South East European Film Festival in Los Angeles has pioneered the concept of regional, cross-border programming with issue-driven films that tell a larger story about the Balkans and South East Europe, where borders of all kinds are fluid and porous just as often as poisonous.

The annual SEE Fest opens on Thursday, May 3rd at the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles where films are screened through Sunday, May 6th 2012.

The closing night of the festival is held at the James Bridges Theatre on UCLA campus on May 7th 2012.

Highlights of the 7th annual SEEFest:
Opening night with Romanian romantic comedy HELLO! HOW ARE YOU? about a husband and wife whose marital fatigue leads them to a dating site with unforeseen consequences; preceded by animated sensation FIVE MINUTES EACH from Serbian expats in Canada, a metaphorical story about fame.

With 33 films this year, SEEFest takes you on a journey through BALKAN MELODIE, with CIGARETTES AND SONGS, and PRACTICAL GUIDE TO BELGRADE, WITH SINGING AND CRYING, exploring collective and individual memories in DO NOT FORGET ME ISTANBUL and CENTROPA archives; expat experiences in FAITH, LOVE & WHISKEY and MAYA, concluding with fortune-telling parable COFFEE FUTURES coupled with closing night gala presentation of FUTURE LASTS FOREVER.

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