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“Theodore Kosloff & Cecil B. DeMille Meet Madam Satan” / MADAM SATAN


Saturday, March 15th @ 2:00pm

"Theodore Kosloff & Cecil B. DeMille Meet Madam Satan" / MADAM SATAN

Co-presented by the American Cinematheque and the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles with support from the Cecil B. DeMille Foundation.

Dance critic Debra Levine brings new insight to Art Deco favorite MADAM SATAN (MGM, 1930, dir. Cecil B. DeMille), zeroing in on the early talkie's bizarre and exceptional "ballet mécanique" that takes place in a zeppelin. Levine has researched the director's 40-year friendship with Theodore Kosloff, a Ballets Russes dancer who acted in more than thirty silent movies, most directed by DeMille. DeMille's consultations with Kosloff concerning MADAM SATAN, on the cusp of the Depression, resulted in the dancer's appearance as “The Spirit of Electricity.” Levine will share the back story of the development of MADAM SATAN's inimitable movie-musical sequence. Following is a screening of MADAM SATAN. Part of Hollywood Heritage's Centennial Celebration of the Lasky-DeMille partnership.

Illustrated presentation by dance critic Debra Levine. Actress Mary Carlisle to appear in person at the event.


1930, Warner Bros., 116 min, USA, Dir: Cecil B. DeMille
This delightfully bizarre mélange of song, dance, bedroom farce and airship disaster - director Cecil B. DeMille’s only movie musical - must be seen to be believed. Angela Brooks (Kay Johnson) endures the infidelity of husband Bob (Reginald Denny) until a masquerade ball offers her the opportunity to win back her straying spouse and put the man’s mistress (Lillian Roth) in her place. A pre-Code gem whose sets, production numbers and costumes (by designer Adrian) will leave you slack-jawed! 



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