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Jonathan Weichsel Written by Jonathan Weichsel
Aug. 20, 2011 | 4:24 PM

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A look at HollyShort’s Fright Night

Our correspondent, Jonathan Weichsel, braved HollyShort’s Fright Night, here’s his take.

Friday August 12th I attended the Fright Night at Hollyshorts, a screening of horror shorts. There were twelve films screened, but only three stuck with me. These three films were really cool, and made the screening worthwhile.

“My Undeadly”, written and directed by Dave Reda and starring Dave Reda and scream queen Michelle Thomlinson was the standout film of the screening. Although the horror-comedy was only a few minutes long, it was very well structured. The structure of the film was that of a classic joke, with a setup and punch line. You can’t really talk about the content of a film that’s a couple of minutes long without giving away the film, and for a film like this one, that relies on a twist, giving anything away would spoil it. So, let’s just say that it deals with zombies as they relate to sexual fetishes, it was shot at the original Halloween house, it’s funny, and you should see it.

“An Evening with My Comatose Mother”, running thirty-three minutes and directed by Jonathan Martin, was a close second. The film, also a horror-comedy, features the kind of camp humor that I just live for, but also manages to be a genuinely creepy film. Dorothy Pritchard (Wendy Macy) is house sitting for a wealthy couple, The Poe’s, on Halloween. Mrs. Poe has a comatose mother, and one of Dorothy’s responsibilities is to look after her. When Dorothy doesn’t change the elder Poe’s bedpan, the comatose woman uses her psychic powers to torment the girl. Things soon get really weird.

An Evening with my Comatose Mother features amazing makeup and prosthetic effects, is very well shot, features a skillful tongue in cheek performance by Wendy Macy, and will have you laughing and creeped out at the same time. If you like camp humor as much as I do, it’s a can’t-miss film.

“Nowhere Road”, running at 14 minutes and directed by Benjamin Dynice, was a pleasant surprise. The film deals a group of twenty-something’s whose car breaks down. They are picked up by a group of rednecks. At first my reaction was, “Oh Jesus why do horror filmmakers think rednecks are scary?” But then the film goes in an unpredicted direction that makes it all work.. It was nice to see a smart horror film that comments on the trappings on the genre, rather than fall into them.

And that’s the best of Hollyshorts Fright Night.

“Nowhere Road” was the winner of Best Horror short at HollyShorts.

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