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Jonathan Weichsel Written by Jonathan Weichsel
Dec. 31, 2012 | 5:08 PM

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The Etheria Film Festival Presents: Mayans and Marvins

Mayans & Marvins

By Jonathan Weichsel

For years now the Viscera Film Festival has been showcasing cutting edge short horror films directed by women. Viscera has grown into a worldwide organization, and on December 21st, the last day of Earth according to the Mayan calendar, The Viscera Organization gave a taste of their newest project, The Etheria Film Festival, which showcases science fiction and fantasy shorts directed by women.

My favorite short, and just about everybody else’s as well, was Slashed, a science fiction themed comedy directed by Rebecca Thomson. Slashed deals with one of the most telling aspects of geek culture, slash fiction, but it is also a film about how the internet connects us all together. This hilarious little short had people rolling in the aisles.

Kaboomtown, directed by Jakqui Schuler, is an emotional and meditative film about aliens who put explosives in the hearts of every single person on earth. Every day, the people of earth must all fill out applications for another day of life. But the application takes six hours to fill out, which is half a waking day. Kaboomtown is a film about what it means to be alive in a world that takes everything from you.

Imminent Danger, directed by Alana McNair, is a totally weird romp about a woman whose job it is to watch the threat level buttons, who accidentally presses a button that raises the threat level to Imminent Danger, which is bad because Earth’s preparation will lead to the destruction of earth, and nobody will get to see her on the cover of some career magazine. Imminent Danger is lots of fun, and strange in the best possible way.

The Etheria film festival is taking submissions now through May 30th, 2013. The Viscera organization provides more support for filmmakers than any other festival I know of, and gives filmmakers the opportunity to have their work screened in Hollywood and all over the world. If you are a woman and have directed a science fiction or fantasy short, or you know a woman who has, go to www.etheriafilmfestival.comand submit today. Submissions are free.

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