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Jonathan Weichsel Written by Jonathan Weichsel
Dec. 20, 2010 | 5:49 PM

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Bleedfest Recap

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Bleedfest’s co-founders Brenda Fies (l) and Elisabeth Fies (r) with Morbid Curiosity’s Cindy Baer (center)

By Jonathan Weichsel

BleedFest is a monthly film festival featuring horror shorts and features directed by women. December’s focus was on suspense.

Highlights included Bad Girls, an early short by the Soska sisters, the twisted minds behind the feature Dead Hooker in a Trunk, which I previously reviewed here, as well as the upcoming and highly anticipated feature American Mary. Bad Girls, about a bunch of college kids who avenge the twin’s grandmother after she is attacked, features the Soska sister’s signature twisted sense of humor and bad-ass attitude.

11:11 is a trippy music video directed by Sophia Segal. The video, which deals with a young girl in a fantasy world, features amazing surreal images right out of Lewis Carol.

Mockingbird, directed by Marichelle Daywalt, was the most frightening film at the festival despite being less than two minutes long. The film deals with the fear felt by parents of infants.

Morbid Curiosity, produced and directed by Cindy Baer, is a funny tale about a woman who causes disasters just by wondering what they would be like if they occured.

The shorts mentioned are all excellent, but don’t take my word for it. You can watch them all online:

Of course, watching on your computer is not the same experience as being in a roomful of strong women who all love the horror genre. The women in horror movement is one of the most exciting things going on in film today, and it was great to watch these films on the big screen with such luminaries as Heidi Martinuzzi, founder of the larger and more well established women in horror festival Viscera, who came down to support the filmmakers. The January edition of BleedFest will take place on Sunday, January 2nd and will feature sci-fi and western films directed by women, and is highly recommended.

To learn more about BleedFest, visit their website:

Support independent filmmaking by women, donate to BleedFest.


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