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Thursday, November 7th, 2013



By Jonathan Weichsel

SLINK is trash cinema at its most glorious. If you love the splatter pictures of Herschel Gordon Lewis, the T&A of Russ Meyers, the slyly subversive satire of Roger Corman, and the over the top acting of Vincent Price in a William Castle film, then you need to see this right now.

SLINK is about a husband and wife who use a tanning salon to lure pretty young girls so they can murder them once their skin is nice and tan, and then skin them alive and use their tan skin to make designer purses.

Art Roberts as the husband, Dawna Lee Heising as his wife, and Julia Faye West as her sister all give deliciously evil performances. Every word spoken by these three actors, even innocent words, just drip with malice, not so much because of what they are saying, but how it is said. All three actors seem like they are channeling Vincent Price, who was a master at having fun being evil, in one of his campier roles like The House on Haunted Hill. 

Two incredibly cute girls, Danika Galindo and Marylyn Brooks, who both get very naked towards the end of the film, round out the main cast. Galindo and Brooks do a very good job giving the film its nudie-cutie feel, but also give fun, bubbly performances that are enjoyable to watch even when the actresses are wearing clothes. Danika Galindo is especially good as Kayla Nunez, the ingenue who falls for the lure of designer purses and tan skin that is set out in front of her. 

The script is also very strong, with distinct characters and dialogue that is brimming with humor. Much of SLINK has the look of DIY horror, but the climactic scene, with beautiful naked female corpses hanging everywhere, has a sense of style to it that transcends the DIY movement.

There are a lot of people out there right now who are trying to do what slink does and channel the exploitation genre. A lot of films are able to capture the look, but few capture the feel. Fewer still manage to capture the sense of fun, excitement, and danger of an old exploitation flick. Exploitation should make you feel a little dirty for having watched it. The sleazier an exploitation flick is, the better! This is where Slink succeeds while other films have failed. This film is very, very sleazy, in all the right ways.

A lot of people will read this glowing review and decide that SLINK is not for them. A film like SLINK isn’t meant to be for everybody. That’s why it’s called cult cinema. But if you’re a fan of exploitation, don’t miss this.

Written by Jonathan Weichsel on 11/07 at 02:52 AM


  1. I wish all reviews were as candid as this one. Its clarity made me want to see SLINK for all the right reasons, not because its copy was trying to put one over on me. Art Roberts & Dawna Lee Heising are each cult and genre pros whose craft and careers are worth tracking. Looking forward to seeing Slink.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  11/09  at  04:56 AM
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