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NoBudgetFilmSchool Written by NoBudgetFilmSchool
Mar. 11, 2008 | 7:43 PM

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Making My Introduction

Dear Film Radar Members,

I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know that I will be blogging here from time to time. I’m Mark Stolaroff, and I’m an LA-based producer and the founder of No Budget Film School, a unique series of film classes specifically designed for the no-budget filmmaker, whether they’re working with a budget of $200,000 or $2,000.  I’ll be using this forum to pass along information and spout off my opinion on any number of film-related subjects, usually tied somehow to no-budget filmmaking, which is my passion.  I urge all of you film fans out there to support this kind of filmmaking when you have the opportunity to do so—attend festivals, seek out these titles on Netflix, and most of all, visit your local cineplex when one of these films makes that nearly-impossible, herculean journey to the big screen.  And for all you aspiring filmmakers out there, don’t wait to make your movies.  The tools have never been so accessible and the opportunities to get your works seen have never been so ripe.  Just be responsible—it’s difficult to make a good movie and very difficult to make money on it even when you do.  But money shouldn’t be the metric for success, and there are strategies and techniques that can not only allow you to make a movie right now with the resources available to you today, but that will also give you the best chance to create something memorable, compelling, authentic, and entertaining.

Join me here and also feel free to visit my website:

I am working to make the site one of the best resources for no-budget filmmaking on the web.  You’ll find archived editions of my No Budget Report and No Budget Newsletter, (which you can subscribe to); links to useful online and offline resources, clips from some of the guest speakers I’ve had in my classes, profiles of noteworthy no-budget films, (many taken from exclusive interviews with the filmmakers), and of course, information about the classes I teach.

You’ll also find information about my ongoing screening series, No Budget Film Club, where you get the opportunity to see great no-budget films—some you’ve heard of, others you haven’t—with the filmmakers in attendance to give the candid lowdown on how the films were made.  All the dirty little secrets!  I work hard to make these events fun and educational, as well as an incredible chance to network with other like-minded independent filmmakers.

Looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge of this unique kind of filmmaking with you here on a regular basis!


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