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NoBudgetFilmSchool Written by NoBudgetFilmSchool
Jun. 14, 2008 | 12:41 AM

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quid pro quo [kwid proh kwoh] n Latin

1.) Something for something; that which a party receives (or is promised) in return for something he does or gives or promises

Quid Pro Quo is the bargain that every independent filmmaker who wants folks to come out to their movie (if they are lucky enough to get it into theaters) makes with every other indie filmmaker who gets their movie into theaters—I will see your movie and you will come see mine.  Something for something.  It’s how an independent film community survives in a difficult marketplace for indie movies, and if we as filmmakers are not capable of holding up our end of the bargain, then there certainly won’t be a theatrical outlet for indie films by the time our films are ready for the big screen. 

“Quid Pro Quo” also happens to be an aptly titled indie film opening today that we filmmakers should all go out and support.  And not just because of the Bargain, but also because it is an excellent movie.  First time director Carlos Brooks teams up with veteran producers Midge Sanford and Sarah Pillsbury (“Desperately Seeking Susan,” “River’s Edge,” many more) and a talented cast, (led by Nick Stahl and Vera Farmiga) to create an intriguing and unique mystery that is also in its way, very funny.  It is beautifully shot by DP Michael McDonough (who incidentally shot Farmiga’s break-out film “Down To The Bone”) on the Sony F900 HD camera.  Anyone who thinks you can’t get a “film look” from high def video (are there still people who think that?) should check it out just to see the wonderful film noir lighting so well realized with this format.  Quid Pro Quo

“Quid Pro Quo” premiered at this year’s Sundance to excellent reviews, but in this year’s bone-crunching environment, where crowd-pleasing hits from Sundance and other festivals have found little traction, it is imperative that we jump to see this film the first weekend so it will be around long enough for word-of-mouth to kick in.  And this is one you’ll want to see on the big screen with a crowd.

So keep your promise—go see “Quid Pro Quo”!

“Quid Pro Quo” opens today at the Landmark in West LA.

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