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raymac Written by raymac
Nov. 15, 2011 | 6:42 AM

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An Interview with Moniqua Plante and John Wynn of PILLOW TALK

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PILLOW TALK (click here for the Film Radar review) is a hot and sultry erotic thriller that has been burning up the festival circuit. We sat down with the star and producer, Moniqua Plante, and writer and director, John Wynn to talk about about the making of the film.

FilmRadar: Hi, we are here at HollyShorts with…

Wynn: John Wynn

Plante: and Moniqua Plante

Filmradar: and you’re with the short, Pillow Talk.  What made you decide to make the film?

Wynn: I’ll let Moniqua start and then I’ll finish up.

Plante: We actually have a production company so we done some films already. For me as an actor, I wanted to do something different than what I’d been doing. I’ve been doing a lot of comedy and I really wanted to do action. That’s was really what it was. I had an idea that I ran by John and then he just went with it.

Wynn: For me, she brought me that concept and I said that I could write something out of this concept and turn it into something that would interest me as well. I started out as an actor and enjoyed that process but I found myself on set gravitating toward the director and cinematographer. I’m a big story guy and this was a project that just made sense for us. It was a very easy project from start to finish. It happened very quickly. I pounded out the script in about a day and did a couple of revision really fast. The actual shooting process was two days and then a week of post.

FilmRadar: How did you come up with the story?

Wynn: Moniqua come up to me because she had always been typecast as the quirky comic sidekick and was looking to break out of that and be seen as a leading lady…so you came up with an idea… you wanted to do an action thing.

Plante: I had a vague idea of wanting to do a MRS. & MR. SMITH and I liked some elements of Soderbergh’s OUT OF SIGHT and that’s where I was coming from. We departed a lot from that but that was the basic idea that I was going for.

Wynn: She had the broad strokes of the couple that was struggling with their relationship and I wanted to do a timeline type movie… a past, present and future and how does that all work out. So I took the concept of the couple and her idea of that they were at the crossroad of a relationship. I tried to extricate out of that something that was more intricate and hopefully more unique.  As a writer you draw from your past experiences and draw from observations and you try to make it as real as possible within the world that we created.

Plante: It does have some surreal elements. It’s a real as it can be in that world.

Filmradar: Who did your cinematography and your editing?

Wynn: Cinematography was by one of my favorite DPs, Lyn Moncrief, who graduated from AFI. Really great work. I spent the time before we got the project off the ground to storyboard everything out and then he came in and we went over those. I said that this is what I’m looking for and he not only delivered that but made that better. I think for a director, having a great cinematographer is absolute because they take your vision and they really make it real. On the editing side, I did all the editing and was very fortunate that she gave great notes and we got some great input from friends and people that we trust in the business. I think we are very happy with the film.

Plante: Yes, we’re very happy and just so you know, Lyn got a Best Cinematography nod at the last film festival that we were at. So that’s pretty cool.

FilmRadar: Any plans to take the film beyond the short?

Wynn: We’ve kicked it around a few times. In my mind, I created a back story and where this world exists and how it would fit if it was a feature. I think that that is one of the challenges of a short is that you have a very small amount of time, ours is 9 minutes and 40 seconds. You try to create a complete story but ultimately a short is a subsection of a larger thing. For this to be a feature is quite doable. We’ve actually kicked it around. I don’t know if in the immediate future that’s going to happen as we both been popped on to other projects and other things are going.

Plante: But it is its own. It’s like a mini-feature. It has a beginning, middle and end. It’s not like it was taken out of the middle of another story.

Wynn: It is a complete story. That is a conscious decision that we both made. There are different ways to make shorts. One of the great things about shorts is that you can have that… it can either be a moment in time or you can have a complete story.

Plante: It’s been a really fun ride. And working with John, who I already had known and had a friendship with for a long time and Lyn who I worked with previously made it really easy as there is a lot of intimate scenes and have having people that you know and trust is really helpful.

Wynn:  It’s a very… mature short.

Plante: And because of John’s direction, I did get a couple of best actress noms and I just won Breakout Action Star which is really fun.

FilmRadar: So what’s on the horizon for both of you?

Plante: I’m working on a pilot and I just booked an HBO/Cinemax show called FEMME FATALES which again is up that alley of the action thing … so it going that way which is really great.

Wynn: Right after this project, I directed a feature length comedy called SCREWED and we just rapped that 3 weeks ago. Now we’re having out distribution meetings so hopefully by this time next year it’s actually theatrically released. We’re getting a lot of great buzz.

FilmRadar: Good luck on the screening tonight and thank you for talking with us.

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