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Karie's Blog
Karie (site owner) Written by Karie (site owner)
Mar. 11, 2008 | 5:17 PM

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An audition

Today I had an audition, which is rare for me since I’m not an actress.  I got an audition to be a film commentator for a web television outlet.  They told me that they got 500 submissions and narrowed it down asking only 30 people to come in and audition.  I felt pretty good that I was one of the 30!  I had to state my name, what I do and review 3 different films.  I only had one minute to review each film.  That is IMPOSSIBLE to express how much you love a film and why people should see it in such a short period of time.  They also said that my reviews didn’t have to be current films.  They could be anything I wanted.  I picked The Red Shoes, Network and City Lights.  I figured that was a nice ecclectic line up.  When I was finished, I walked down the hallway and past the other people up for consideration.  They were ALL platinum blonde, tan, wearing short shorts and stiletto boots.  Yikes!  I am totally content with my appearance and all, but I seriously can’t hope to compete with women who look like that.  I am not a Malibu Barbie.  Maybe they will want people who look like real people and I’ll have a fighting chance.  We’ll see what happens.


  1. Thanks for the kind words.  I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything back.  -Karie

    Posted by Karie (site owner) on 03/12 at 01:58 PM