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Karie (site owner) Written by Karie (site owner)
Aug. 7, 2016 | 7:45 PM

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FilmRadar feedback

I moved to Los Angeles in 2000 and was immediately blown away by how many repertory, revival and specialty films were playing all over town. I felt like a kid unleashed in a candy store and I pretty much lived in many of these theatres. In 2002 I sent out an email newsletter to a few friends (originally called FilmWise before being changed to FilmRadar) listing all of these great screenings all over town. My friends forwarded it all over the place and it quickly became a weekly endeavor. That was 713 weeks ago to be exact.

In 2004 or thereabouts, I launched FilmRadar as a website. The original idea was to have a huge calendar that listed the specialty screenings as well as articles, interviews, etc. All this time I’ve been holding down a full time job during the week, giving cemetery tours on the weekends, lecturing and working on books. Ray joined FilmRadar and his help has been invaluable. I couldn’t manage this without him. I should also note that Ray also has a full time job and numerous other projects going too.

Maintaining the calendar has been extremely tough. There are SO many events and things change pretty often. The calendar really needs to be updated. We used to do “FilmRadar Field Trips” where we meet up, see movies and eat together. Attendance on those became sporadic and we stopped doing them.

As I look to the future, I’m trying to find a way to better manage everything. I’d love to hear feedback on the e-newsletter and our Facebook and Twitter pages. Let us know what you think, what you want and what you would like to see more of in the future. Do you read the newsletter ipad, iphone or on a regular computer? What sort of events and venues do you enjoy most? How often do you see specialty movies (ie. not mainstream current Hollywood fare)? What are you favorite venues? Do you attend local film festivals? If so, which ones? We want to hear from YOU! We are open to your feedback!

Ultimately FilmRadar is a passion project and it is here to serve the cinephiles of Los Angeles!

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