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James J  Cremin Written by James J Cremin
Apr. 23, 2010 | 8:39 AM

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Col.Coa French Film Festival - Tete de Turc (2010)

  It has been well publicized there has been ethnic struggles that led to riots throughout France. Back in 1915, there’s strong evidence that Turkey committed genocide with its Armenian population. It’s a fact I’m well aware of living in Los Angeles which does have a sizable Armenian population.

  Writer/director/star Pascal Elbe does not give the year or even the specific city when this narrative. Elbe plays a French government doctor who gives aid to victims where rioting is happening in a rough, run down neighborhood where gangs rule defiantly against the man. Lots of cross cutting of different events convey an intentioned confusion that the violent participants are involved.

  On a rooftop, there are several French speaking Turks daring each other to throw rocks or worse at the cars. They mistake Elbe’s car for the police and a huge block of concrete crashes through the windshield and in the driver’s seat, Elbe loses consciousness.

  Samir Makhlouf, who plays the main character in the movie, impresses his comrades by creating a wick for a bottle filled with alcohol. He ignites it and throws the Molotov cocktail down to Erbe’s car, thus setting it on fire. He stares down and realizes there’s somebody in that car as his associates run away. Makhlouf risks his own life as he drags Erbe out of the car.

  As Erbe lies in the hospital, the world is mainly seen through Makhlouf eye’s. He has a proud mother who faces discrimination where she works in a store and a girlfriend. However, he gets track down by Roschdy Zem, police detective Atom, who’s also Erbe’s brother and who wants revenge.

  Eyewitnesses identify Makhlouf at the Good Samaritan who saved Erbe and he gets honored by getting an award for doing this. But he wants to go with his girlfriend to Turkey before he gets found out. Meanwhile, Erbe recovers.

  There’s lots of twists and turns to keep this viewer involved in watching this entry at the Col . Coa French Film Festival, April 2010.


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