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groovyjt Written by groovyjt
Feb. 14, 2011 | 4:31 PM

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You’ve heard of Viagra…and there is physical proof that the drug works, because it gets a rise out of men that haven’t had an uplifting experience in quite some time.  But what about Viagra for women?  How would you know if that actually works? This is one of the questions Liz Canner’s intriguing new documentary, “Orgasm Inc.,”  explores, along with a myriad of other mysterious female topics, all of which are linked to… the erogenous zone.

Now before you get your panties in a bunch, this isn’t a porno. You aren’t going to see labias or lassos. As the documentary unfolds, it turns out that the pharmaceutical industry in more like the Twilight Zone, however.  “Orgasm Inc.”  is a smart and often hilarious clinical white-washing of what the media in recent years has dubbed: Female Sexual Dysfunction.  At the center of this discussion are, of course, the pharmaceutical companies, which want to convince you that a pill or a cream will clear up anything as quick and easy as the ShamWow!. The billion dollar question is: which drug company can get the first female Viagra on the market first.

Originally hired to edit videos for a drug trial with a pharmaceutical firm, Canner instead turns her attention to the slippery slope concept of FSD. The film sheds light on the fact that many “so-called” professionals call it treatable, while a majority of other doctors call the whole concept nothing more than a hoax; some even eluding to the fact that FSD was wholly concocted to sell drugs that don’t even work as well as placebos.  Sure, there are inherently issues in play when dealing with female sexuality, but as the film points out, these are usually the result of mental and physical abuse, lack of sex education, relationship problems, and general stress.

Any male knows how complex a female’s hot buttons can be, and it seems that our society’s “misunderstanding” of them is what these drug companies are attempting to capitalize on. Interestingly enough, at a major FSD conference, a woman who wanted to showcase products (dildos, stuffed animal vaginas, and various sex toys) isn’t allowed to officially register for the conference. Instead, she books a separate room at the hotel, and has a great turnout of doctors, who genuinely agree with her and appreciate her non-medicated alternatives.

“Orgasm Inc.” isn’t as invasive as, say, a Michael Moore film, but he can be polarizing because of that fact. Here, Canner lets the argument unfold organically, and offers up intimate insight into the complex nature of the pharmaceutical industry—which Fortune 500 has reported as the most profitable business in the entire United States. And that is exactly why this film is so important right now, on the precipice of massive health care reform. This should be required viewing for anyone with an opinion on that topic, because it exposes major cracks in a system where pharmaceutical reps have become the biggest lobbyists in Washington D.C. spending over $850 million between 1998 and 2006.

As the film concludes, most authorities on the subject of medicine, many of those who blocked a major pharmaceutical company from FDA approval for a female Viagra, agree that getting in touch with oneself seem to be the real key to solving the complex mystery of the female orgasm. There is no corporation that can assist you, no pill that you can pop, or patch that you can stick…but there certainly are relaxation techniques and vibrators to cure what ails you. You know, the old-fashioned way. The non-incorporated way.

ORGASM INC. opens in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Music Hall on March 29th and at the Laemmle Sunset 5 on April 1st.  Click HERE to watch the trailer!


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