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raymac Written by raymac
Nov. 15, 2011 | 2:38 AM

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PILLOW TALK (short film)

PILLOW TALK - trailer 1 - “ACTION” from punching bees PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

PILLOW TALK is a hot sultry action short that literally packs quite a punch. The story begins tranquilly as we meet a mysterious couple lying in bed engaging in small talk between bouts of very passionate sex. However, their past lives soon catch up with them and it becomes a battle for survival.

Moniqua Plante, who also produced the short, and Adriano Aragon have a great chemistry together which makes the relationship between the two instantly believable. The two leads also did their own stunts in the film and bring the same intensity and energy to these scenes as they did with the earlier quieter scenes.

Writer and director John Wynn, who also edited the short, has put together an amazingly tight 10 minute rollercoaster of a film that builds slowly and then explodes in to high gear right up until the devastating end. The cinematography by Lyn Moncrief expertly plays up the dichotomy of the film as it is soft and warm for the bedroom scenes before switching to dark and cold for the fight scenes.

The film has been playing the festival circuit and has picked up a number of awards. It will be playing on Saturday, November 19th at The New York Independent Film Festival.  If you get a chance to see it , don’t pass it up.

Click here to see my interview with Moniqua Plante and John Wynn.

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