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raymac Written by raymac
Oct. 6, 2011 | 11:51 PM

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SINGULARITY (short film)

Singularity Trailer from Shian Storm on Vimeo.

Starring Robert Joy and Mark Sherman
Written and directed by Shian Storm
From more information, visit: Official site or Facebook page

Two injured men are trapped in a garage after being attacked by an unknown creature who is trying to break in. As they try to search for a way out, they come to the realization that the bite from the creature has infected them and that they may be slowly turning into one of them.

SINGULARITY has the feel and polish of a major feature film rather than a low budget short. The title sequence sets the tone with its stunning graphics and booming score.  Writer/Director Shian Storm grabs the viewer from the start and ratchets up the tension until the shocking conclusion. He is aided by the strong performances of the two leads, Robert Joy and Mark Sherman, who exhibit the fear, confusion and desperation of the situation. All the technical aspects are first rate especially the cinematography and sound which help add to the tension of the film. The makeup and creature effects are well done and believable. This film is an amazing achievement for all involved and well worth your time.

SINGULARITY will be shown during Screamfest on Saturday, October 22nd at 2:00pm prior to the feature, STORMHOUSE. Tickets are $10 and can be ordered online.

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