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Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 * The Summer Movie Onslaught

Summer has arrived, then again it is pretty much always summer here in Los Angeles.  More specifically the Summer movie season has begun.  For some reason I can’t seem to get excited about any of the big films coming to your average local multiplex.  FilmRadar is about specialty and alternative films and as the site’s creator, I certainly put my money where my mouth is.  While everyone else is flocking to see the Spiderman, Shrek or Pirates sequels….I say bring on the indies!!!!!

Below are some summer indies that I am REALLY excited about seeing and I hope you will be too:

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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007 * WAITRESS

Last night we had a FilmRadar Field Trip to go see the new indie film WAITRESS. 

The film tales the story of Jenna (Keri Russell), who is an unhappily married (and inconveniently pregnant) waitress in the deep south.  Her husband “Earl” (played by Jeremy Sisto) is violent, jealous, controlling and cruel.  Jena is a brillant cook who specializes (and finds solace) in tasty and unique pies which she gives quirky names like “I don’t want Earl’s Baby Pie.”  Jena becomes desperate to escape her life.  One of her dreams is to win a local pie baking contest, which offers a large sum of prize money.  When she tries to run away, her husband catches her.  She seeks consolation in her friends and fellow waitresses played with great comic apolmb by the film’s writer/director Adrienne Shelly and by Cheryl Hines.  Her new obstetrician (Nathan Fillion) turns out to be very handsome and awkward in a way that Jena finds infuriating…and attractive.  In spite of the fact they are both married, they begin a torrid affair.  This is an unusual affair in the sense that even though you know it is wrong, you still LIKE both of the characters and want them to be happy in the final fade out.  The affair fills Jena with both ecstasy and anxiety since she is knows it goes against her own morality.  Andy Griffith (who better to embody a small town) turns up in the film as “Joe” the crusty owner of the pie shop.  Even though he’s tough to take, he has a soft spot and an ability to understand Jena.  Their friendship ultimately proves to be Jena’s salvation.

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