Mission Statement

Film Radar covers repertory, revival and specialty films playing all over Los Angeles! Our e-newsletter has been going out weekly sine 2002. We have recently added Film Radar-Reel Women, which lists opportunities to see female directed films playing on screens all over town. There is feverish work happening behind the scenes to get our calendar up to date.

Lately we have been contemplating the lack of diversity in the film world and we want to do something about it. We are planning to start a Patreon account, which will hopefully allow us to get donations and pay a diverse array of writers to cover film events and provide filmmaker interviews. In recent years journalism has been greatly devalued and often writers are expected to work for free. We want to pay people for their work and provide a platform for new and unique voices. In the past, we also had community events or Film Radar “Field Trips” where we would gather together for a film screening followed by dinner or cocktails. Look for those to come back this year as well. Community matters. Being a film buff can be an isolating thing and we want to re-establish these events and create a space where film fans can mix, mingle and revel in our shared love of cinema. All are welcome. Please stay tuned as many exciting things are on the horizon.



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