FILM RADAR-Your Guide to the Cinema Galaxy

The Audience
FILM RADAR is a rapidly growing website and e-newsletter with a devoted following in Los Angeles.  The site taps into a very specific audience of Angelinos who love film and want to know what alternatives are out there besides mainstream Hollywood offerings.

After surveying the subscribers, the demographics are as follows:

55% Male
45% Female

45% Film Industry Professionals
55% Non-Film Industry

Age range:
20% 18-24
40% 25-34
40% 35 and older

32% have attended or graduated film school
78% have attended or graduated college

Audience Lifestyles:
98% own a VCR and DVD player
87% use a digital camera
89% go to the movies more than 3 times a month
50% rent more than six movies a month
65% subscribe to a cable service
100% own a computer

FILMRADAR fans love movies and genres of all kinds and tend to gravitate towards specialty, independent and non-traditional fare.

Banner Ads for FILM RADAR can be purchased at rates negotiable depending on your budget. The standard ad banner utilized is 728×90 and is placed at the top of the site. We also have ads available in 160×600 Skyscraper and 120×90 as well. All banners remain prominent and easy to see regardless of what page is being viewed.

FILM RADAR can also send out an initial e-mail blast and an e-mail reminder about the film opening.  FILM RADAR can help fill seats at any advance screenings or film related events you may have.  The fans of the site are very dedicated and love the opportunity to see screenings in advance.

We can also do contests, prize giveaways on the site or any other promotional ideas you might have in mind.

Being that FILM RADAR is low budget and guerilla run, we understand how important it is to get the word out about a film…within a set budget.

Past Campaigns:

Eastern Promises (Focus)
Waitress (Fox Searchlight)
Babel (Paramount Vantage)
An Inconvenient Truth (Paramount Vantage)
Reservoir Dogs DVD (Lion’s Gate)
American Hardcore (Sony Classics)
Hollywoodland (Focus Features)
Hard Candy DVD (Lion’s Gate)
Renaissance (Miramax Films)
Brick (Focus Features)

Critical Praise

“The blessing and the curse of living in Los Angeles is that there are often so many film events out there that a few of them could inevitably slip by me. FILM RADAR is the one source I absolutely trust to list every upcoming program in a clear, concise and informative manner.”
– Michael Schlesinger, V.P., Sony Pictures Repertory

“FILM RADAR is my single favorite website, allowing me to keep on top of all the great screenings throughout the Los Angeles area.  Its calendar is filled with countless rare screenings and special events—an invaluable resource!”
– Robert N. Skir (Writer/Story Editor:  Godzilla, The Series, The Mask)

“The website looks fantastic!  It is amazing with so much information and links.  It’s clever and really cool!”
– Mark Thomas King, HBO Films

“You could not dream up a site that had more useful and accessible information.  FILM RADAR is a vital asset for my UCLA screenwriters.”
– Hal Ackerman screenwriter/Professor UCLA

Contact Information

Karie Bible