Cinema adventures in Paris

I’ve always been fascinated by Paris France.  For ages I’ve longed to travel the world and Paris was the first place on my list.  I have been there twice and I am already longing to go back.  I love the historic architecture, the rich history, the excellent food and of course the cinema!  The French […]

NOTFILM – An Interview with director Ross Lipman

Director’s Statement by Ross Lipman My new film, Notfilm, is a documentary about the embattled collaboration between Nobel Prize-winning playwright Samuel Beckett and silent-era genius Buster Keaton. Beckett’s only work for projected cinema, aptly called Film, is in essence a chase film: the craziest ever committed to celluloid. I first read Beckett’s script for Film […]

In Memory of Robert Osborne

Flashback March 7th, 2017: The other day I sat at my desk crying upon hearing about the death of a popular TV host. While this may sound strange to some, this wasn’t just ANY host. This was Robert Osborne. He felt like a member of my family. For the last 23 years, his warm, reassuring […]

The Laurel & Hardy Museum

Harlem, Georgia is a sleepy little southern town. If you blinked, you’d miss it. On January 18, 1892 Oliver Norvell Hardy was born in this town and his success in Hollywood gave the town an eternal claim to fame. They are clearly very proud of this and it shows. The town seemed full of sincere […]